Exhibition booth design

Art69 exhibition booth design service is currently trusted by many companies and businesses. Because this is a very important service, bringing an impressive trading space, expressing the characteristics and personality of the brand. If you are interested and looking for a partner to design the expo booth, Art69 is a reliable choice!

Exhibition booth design Viet Nam

The exhibition is a convergence of many different brand images, brands, this is where you introduce your products, services, brand image to customers and potential partners. To attract customers to visit the booth of your business requires your booth to be really impressive, expressing its unique features, product layout and reasonable service images.

With a team of professional exhibition booth design teams, experienced in implementing hundreds of large and small projects, Art69 ensures the implementation of your exhibition booth design projects in the shortest time and with the best product and service quality.

Exhibition booth design
Exhibition booth design

1- Standard fair booth design

This type of booth is standard according to a general standard specification, large quantities, easy to disassemble and reuse. A regular standard booth includes:

Size: 3m x 3m x 2.4m.
Aluminum frame.
White polykem wall.
01 table – 02 chairs – 02 tube lights – 01 socket, carpet.

2- Exclusive fair booth design

This is a booth designed by the business itself, built in a separate style. The booth is usually unlimited in size, diverse construction materials, items are arranged and arranged in a synchronized way.
What is a beautiful expo booth?
Main layout – secondary & logical.
Eye-catching representation, simple, clear message.
Show the main color, not flashy.
The product is neatly arranged, tidy.
Express the personality of the brand.

Principles of product arrangement and display
Display products in each zone, each type.
Large products inside, small products outside.
The product is always directed outwards with the easiest viewing angle.
If general product display, it is recommended to arrange the layout in the shape of a tower (high product placed after or center, small product outside or front).

Expo booth designs
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Exhibition booth sample

exhibition booth sample 2
exhibition booth sample 2
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exhibition booth sample 3
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exhibition booth sample 4
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exhibition booth sample 6